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This article relates to Classic.

This view is used to edit texts that are used throughout the application, e.g. information provided to staff when they book shifts that have to be approved by a manager. To edit a text, select the corresponding radio button in the menu on the left and make the change in the text box to the right, then click Save.

Rules and regulations

The Rules and regulations text is displayed when the user clicks on the corresponding link in the page footer, which is visible in both the staff and admin portals. It is possible to format the text and link to external websites.

Disclaimer salary calculation on MyPage

If the system is configured to allow employees to calculate their estimated salary on MyPage, it is possible to add a disclaimer text that is displayed in connection to the calculation output.

Swap shifts

Here, you can define text that is displayed when an employee swaps a shift via the staff portal.

Notice of interest

Here, you can define text that is displayed when an employee submits notice of interest from the staff portal.

Book shifts

Here, you can define text that is displayed when an employee books a shift from the staff portal.

Distribute passwords

Here, you can modify the default message sent to employees via the Distribute passwords function.

As can be seen in the example above, it is possible to add "macros" in the text, which will be substituted with the relevant employee's personal details. The following macros are supported:





Prints the employee's first name



Prints the employee's email address


Prints the employee's new password

Oxford Street

Predefined comments

Predefined comments can be selected by staff when punching in or out. This is applicable only when punching in or out in the staff portal.

Predefined comments can also be selected by a manager when editing a time punch.

The comment is then displayed on the time punch.

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