Setting Up Quinyx

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Setting up Quinyx is usually fairly straightforward, but you should follow a specific flow when building from the ground up The first step is to create you as a customer in Quinyx, and this is something that we do for you. The rest of the steps are performed in the following order by you and your assigned Quinyx Application Expert.  

Steps marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.  

After the Customer has been created in Quinyx:

  1. Create districts *
  2. Define unit settings, create the rest of the units
  3. Add cost centres *
  4. Add projects *
  5. Create sections*
  6. Create staff categories
  7. Create leave reason types
  8. Add salary types
  9. Create reasons for leave and link salary types
  10. Add Time Trackers*, link TimeTrackers to salary types, or set TimeTracker rules *
  11. Create absence schedule*
  12. Create overtime methods
  13. Add global unsocial hours periods*, overtime periods* and bank holidays
  14. Create agreement templates
  15. Create skills*
  16. Create shift types
  17. Link cost centres/projects to the right level*
  18. Time -> Parameter settings
  19. Adjust  access rights for managers and staff
  20. Reminder settings*
  21. Import staff
  22. Link staff to agreement templates, define individual settings

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