• Fetch data on scheduled and absence shifts.
  • Get the schedule for one employee by using the badgeNo or employeeId filter.
  • Get all shifts for the unit by leaving the employee filters out.
  • Get all shifts from all units in the organisation by enabling the allUnits switch, only applicable for small amounts of units.
  • In this version the day count of absence is added to the response.


  • It is important to specify the correct datatype for all input parameters.
  • Optional input parameters shall not be left blank. A blank boolean parameter will default to false. To use the application specific defaults for boolean parameters, leave out the element completely.
  • Section is the integration key set up in Quinyx Settings > Tables > Integration Keys.
  • You can use output parameters scheduleId and absenceScheduleId to tell if the record is a scheduled or absence shift. scheduleId will not be set for an absence shift and vice versa.
  • Notice of Interest is returned as a Schedule with status = 2
  • If the request is for fixed schedules, only fixed schedule for the unit specified by api key is included. It will include all shifts for those fixed schedules regardless of which unit is specified on the shift.

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