Audit log item trail

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

The purpose of the item trail is to provide you with a chronological overview of everything that has happened to one given item in Quinyx, in an attempt to provide the context you need when resolving disputes or issues concerning workforce planning and attendance.

You can access the trail of a given item in the right-most column of your log search results.

In the example below, clicking the icon for one of the rows in the search results prompts the display of the trail for that item.

You’ll find that the trail for shifts collates data for:

  • Shifts
  • Shift bookings
  • Shift swaps
  • Shift unassignment
  • Shift assignment on away unit

In the above example, the full trail displays the shift creation action at the bottom, followed by the shift assignment on an away unit request, and the shift update as the request was approved.

A few notes about this new functionality:

  1. At the top of the panel, you’ll find the information allowing you to identify which item you’re looking at. This information mirrors the information in the Item column in the search results table for any given shift.
  2. As the item trail panel displays, the most recent action will display first, followed by the second-to-most-recent one, and so on. Quinyx will display data for the past 90 days from today’s date; should the entire history of a given shift span beyond that period, a “Load 3 more months” button will display. Clicking the button loads data for three additional months back in time. If there's more data to retrieve, the button will reappear once the additional data has loaded. The purpose of this behavior is to prevent considerable performance issues.
  1. As all shift-related data was logged in the current audit logs only starting on 2023-12-27 and onwards, a disclaimer will display when you’re viewing the trail of a shift whose creation took place before that date, as a reminder to you that it might be the trail isn’t displaying all the relevant data for you to have a full overview of the shift at hand.
  1. As the logging of shift data in the current audit logs began on 2023-06-07, a disclaimer will display in cases when you’re viewing the trail of a shift whose creation took place before that date since data prior to that date can only be accessed by Quinyx's Support team.
  1. In an attempt to improve the readability of the item trail, it now features color coding to help you distinguish between the different kinds of actions. The various actions are color coded as follows.
  1. A special note about shifts whose item trails contain shift assignment on away unit actions: if you don’t have the permissions needed to access shift logs for the (away) unit on which said shift was being scheduled, you'll receive the following error message when attempting to access said trail: “You don’t have the relevant permissions on the relevant groups to view the history of this item. Please reach out to your Quinyx contact for more details.“
We’re excited to announce that, due to frequent feedback on this topic, you will be able to access this trail directly from the shifts in Schedule in a coming release!

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