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In the Quinyx Manager portal, you have the option to print out your schedules. The purpose of printing the schedule can be many, but the aim is first and foremost to enable communicating the schedule to employees in paper format, typically but not exclusively because employees, for various reasons, sometimes can’t or won’t use their personal digital devices to access their schedule.

How to

In order to print the schedule:

  1. Navigate to Schedule and click the ellipsis in the top right corner of the view.
  2. Click Print schedule [BETA]. If you prefer, you may also click your keyboard’s CTRL + P buttons if you’re using a PC, and COMMAND + P if you’re using a Mac.

Performing the above keyboard shortcut will bring up your browser’s print dialog, where you can make use of the various options this dialog offers, including whether to print a paper format of the pre-view or rather save it as PDF:

Whether you save it as a PDF or print it on paper - the printout will differ slightly from the graphical user interface to ensure the information is readable. A reason for this is, for instance, that some information is only available on hover in Quinyx. Another reason is that the printout is - as mentioned above - intended for employees to view their work schedule, whereas the users of the manager portal are managers rather than employees by definition.

The printout reflects your Schedule selections, such as those made in display options and filters, as a means of allowing you to include only the information most relevant to you and your team in the printout.

The following lists graphical elements that are different in the printout compared to when you’re viewing the Schedule in Quinyx:

  • View mode: if you’re displaying a calendar month in Quinyx when printing, the printout will be one calendar week per sheet. In cases where the information in the Schedule doesn’t fit - vertically - on one sheet, the printout will print all sheets for the first calendar week of said month prior to doing the same for the remaining calendar weeks of said calendar month.
Note that you can control which information is displayed in the printout - and thereby, possibly, “save” vertical height by making use of the Schedule filters. If you print a custom view, the same logic applies. Due to technical constraints, if you print the daily view, it will print to reflect how a custom view displays when one single calendar date has been selected.
  • Breaks: These are indicated using a coffee cup on the shift, followed by the break start and end times for shift types where the “Show breaks in mobile app” is enabled. For shift types where the setting is disabled, the break duration is displayed instead of the break start and end times.
  • Shift comments: The full comment is displayed in the printout, even if it entails a line break.
  • Availability comments: The full comment is displayed in the printout, even if it entails one or various line breaks.
  • Shift type name: In cases where the shift type name is too long to fit one same line, these will display using line breaks. In an attempt to save vertical space, we’re working on enabling the ability to configure abbreviations for shift types with long names.
  • Absences:
    • In cases where the absence type name is too long to fit one same line, the printout will hold the abbreviation as defined when creating/editing the absence type in question. Said abbreviation supports a maximum of 10 characters. This is done in an attempt to save vertical height - and thereby save trees! If there’s no abbreviation and the name doesn’t fit in one same line, no name displays at the moment; this is not intended and will be addressed as soon as possible so that the full absence type name displays with line break in such cases.
    • Absence shift information is not reflected in the printout to be consistent with what information is available to employees using Quinyx' mobile app.
  • Statistics: These are currently not reflected in the printout in order to be consistent with what information is available to employees using Quinyx' mobile app.
  • Unavailability: Due to technical constraints, the printout currently doesn’t reflect unavailability information. This is something we aim to enable - subject to Schedule filter configuration - in the medium term.
  • Various interactive elements: Things like the envelope button for Qmail, entry point to Display options, entry point to filters, entry point to statistics, the “waving hand” indicating shift bookings and so on - aren’t reflected in the printout in an attempt to only include information valuable to the employees.
This feature is currently in open BETA mode, which means that you’re very welcome to provide us with feedback regarding problems or shortcomings you experience when using this feature.
Please note that the readability and quality of the printout may vary depending on your printer.

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