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Quinyx’s Frontline Portal streamlines the employee experience by consolidating tasks, communications, and resources into a single platform. This tool enhances operational visibility for HQ teams, leading to more engaged employees and a consistent brand experience, ultimately boosting sales.

How does Frontline Portal work?

Simplified task management

The Frontline Portal allows managers to assign, track, and complete tasks from one central location. Managers can monitor progress, share content, and communicate directly with employees. Frontline workers benefit from clear, scheduled communication, ensuring tasks are completed correctly and on time.

Enhanced employee engagement

The platform personalizes content based on the user’s role, helping them prioritize tasks effectively. Its reporting features allow managers to understand task engagement and completion times, aiding in more effective staffing decisions. Employees stay engaged and focused, completing their work more efficiently.

Improved employee experience

A positive employee experience leads to lower turnover rates and better customer interactions. The Frontline Portal facilitates efficient onboarding and ongoing training, providing necessary resources in one place. Employees receive direct feedback from managers, enhancing their development.

Consistent customer experience

The portal ensures employees are well-trained and informed, providing customers a uniform experience across all locations. Employees can quickly access information about current campaigns and assist customers effectively.

Who can use Frontline Portal?

While the entire company benefits from the portal, it is especially useful for:

  • HQ teams: Create and manage announcements, surveys, and communications. Monitor task completion and tailor information based on roles.
  • Field managers: Oversee multiple locations, review displays, assign tasks, provide feedback, and support staff directly through the portal.
  • Frontline workers: Simplify task management, communicate directly with managers, and reduce confusion, enabling focus on customer interactions.

Quinyx’s Frontline Portal integrates task management and communication into one platform, improving the employee experience and ensuring smooth retail operations. This leads to consistent, high-quality customer experiences across all locations, enhancing overall performance and satisfaction.

Scenario 1 - coffee shop

Morning shift

You start your day at 6:30 AM, arriving at your coffee shop for the morning shift. As you clock in, you open the Frontline Portal app on your phone. Your personalized homepage displays the tasks for the day, starting with setting up the coffee machines, restocking supplies, and preparing the pastry display.

Task management

The first task on your list is to check the espresso machines. You tap on the task and see a checklist for ensuring each machine is clean and functioning. After completing the checklist, you mark the task as done in the app. Your manager, Sarah, is immediately notified of the completion.

Communication and updates

While restocking the pastry display, you receive a notification. Sarah has sent a reminder about a new promotional campaign starting today. The notification includes detailed instructions and a visual guide on how to set up the promotional materials. You quickly set up the display according to the guide and mark the task as completed.

Break time

During your break, you browse through the latest company news and stories on the portal. You see an announcement about an upcoming employee survey and decide to complete it, giving your feedback on the new seasonal drinks.

Feedback and support

Later, while cleaning up a spill in the seating area, you notice the mop is worn out. You use the portal’s chat function to message Sarah, requesting a new mop. She responds quickly, acknowledging the request and confirming that a new one will be ordered.

End of shift

At the end of your shift, you review the remaining tasks on the portal. You’ve completed all assigned tasks, but you notice a reminder to prep for the afternoon staff. You organize the back stock area and restock the cups and lids. After marking the final task as complete, you log out of the portal and clock out, knowing that everything is ready for the next shift.

Manager’s perspective

Sarah, your manager, uses the Frontline Portal to review the day’s task completions. She sees that all morning tasks were done on time and without issues. She uses the reporting feature to check staff engagement and notes that the promotional setup was completed as instructed. Sarah sends a quick thank you message through the portal, appreciating the team's hard work.

Scenario 2: clothing retail store

Afternoon shift

You arrive at 12:30 PM to start your shift at TrendSetters, a bustling clothing retail store. After clocking in, you open the Frontline Portal app on your store’s tablet. Your personalized homepage shows today’s tasks, beginning with setting up the new seasonal display and restocking the shelves with the latest arrivals.

Task management

Your first task is to set up the new spring collection display. You tap on the task in the portal, which includes detailed instructions and photos of how the display should look. Following the guide, you arrange the mannequins and clothing racks accordingly. Once finished, you take a photo of the completed display and upload it to the task for approval. Your store manager, Lisa, immediately sees the photo and approves the setup.

Communication and updates

Mid-afternoon, you get a notification on the portal about a flash sale starting in an hour. Lisa has shared the promotional details and updated signage that needs to be placed around the store. You quickly print the signage, update the sale tags on relevant items, and mark the task as completed.

Break time

During your break, you catch up on the latest company news and training videos available on the portal. There’s a new video about customer service best practices, which you watch to brush up on your skills.

Feedback and support

While organizing the fitting rooms, you notice a shortage of hangers. You use the portal’s chat function to message Lisa about the issue. She responds quickly, confirming that more hangers will be sent from the back stock.

End of shift

At the end of your shift, you review the remaining tasks on the portal. All tasks for the day are completed, but you notice a reminder to prepare for tomorrow’s inventory count. You tidy up the stockroom and ensure all items are organized. After marking the task as complete, you log out of the portal and clock out.

Manager’s perspective

Lisa, your store manager, uses Frontline Portal to review the day's task completions. She sees that the new display was set up correctly and on time, and the flash sale was implemented smoothly. Lisa uses the portal’s reporting feature to check on task completion rates and staff engagement. Pleased with the team's efficiency, she sends a thank you message through the portal, appreciating everyone's hard work.

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