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This article describes general audit log functionality common to all audit log types. You can read more about specific audit log functionality for shiftsshift bookingsshift swapsshift unassignmentsshift unassignments on an away unit, and schedule approval audit logs.

In addition to audit logs of schedule items, now you can search for the audit logs connected to the Schedule approval flow (you can find more details about the workflow here).

With this addition, we provide more information and a bigger picture for managers to better understand all the changes happening in their units. 

Searching and navigating the schedule approval audit logs inside the Adjust view panel and the table follows the same logic as described in this article with the following adjustments:

  • “Schedule approval” is a new item with a separate row inside the audit logs table.
  • Inside the “Timestamp” column we display the date and time when a given action in Quinyx was carried out.
  • Inside the “Groups affected” column we display the units affected by the action in question.
  • Inside the “Item type” column we display a new item type named “Schedule approval”.
  • Inside the “Item” column we show the time period for which the approval was sent by the planner.
  • Inside the “Action” column we display actions taken on this item, which fall into the following types: create, approve, deny, and delete. 
  • Inside the “Action made by” column, we display who has carried out the action in question. 
  • Inside the “Action made for” we will display the value N/A since in this case, we don’t have affected parties. 

In your audit log search results for the schedule approval flow item, you're able to see more details about the properties that applied to the said item by clicking the chevron in the leftmost column of the table of search results. Clicking there you will be able to see a sub-table with properties that are connected to the actions create, approve, and deny. Inside the sub-table, shift swaps will have two properties called: 

  • Schedule period - this property describes for which period the request was sent by the planner.  
  • Comment - this property will hold the value of comments added by approvers once the schedule approval request has been approved or denied.  

The below image illustrates what said sub-table for a schedule approval can look like:

Following the same logic as for all other items, deleted requests will not have a sub-table. 

Note that you will only be able to access log data starting from the date the logging was released. For instance, since schedule approval audit logs are released in Version 0184 which is on April 17th, 2024, the current logs do not hold schedule approval log data for any dates prior to April 17th, 2024.

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