Shifts and shift types FAQ

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Q: Are there different ways to add a shift in Quinyx?

A: You can add a shift by clicking on a row in the Schedule view or by clicking the + icon at the top-right of the app.

Q: What information is required when adding a shift?

A: Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). You must select a shift type and set the date and time for the shift.

Q: Can I add shifts at a regional or customer level?

A: No, you can only add shifts to sections or units, not at the regional or customer level.

Q: What is the "quick edit" feature in shift management?

A: Quick edit allows you to make fast changes to a shift, such as re-assigning it to another employee, changing the shift type, or adjusting the start and end times.

Q: Can I assign a shift to an employee with a passive status?

A: No, it is not possible to assign a shift to an employee who has the Passive employee status ticked.

Q: How do breaks work when adding a shift?

A: By default, a 30-minute break is added to the middle of the shift if no break rules are set. You can modify the break time as needed.

Q: What happens if I switch shift types while creating or editing a shift?

A: When creating a new shift, the times and breaks will reflect those of the last selected shift type. When editing an existing shift, the times and breaks will not update.

Q: How can I copy a shift to another employee or day?

A: Click on the shift, click the picker (hand) icon, and navigate to where you want to add the shift. Copying retains the manual salary type rule and cost center settings.

Q: What are advanced settings for shifts?

A: Advanced settings include productive hours, counting as scheduled or worked hours, and designating free days. These settings can be overridden at the shift level.

Q: How can I correct breaks if an employee punches in or out incorrectly?

A: Use the "Correct breaks" function, which adjusts the punch times to match the scheduled break times.

Q: What are shift types in Quinyx?

A: Shift types are the building blocks for creating schedules in Quinyx. They define specific roles, tasks, or time frames for employee shifts and provide various options to facilitate smooth and efficient scheduling.

Q: Where can I find the list of shift types?

A: The list of shift types is available under the Shift type menu in both account settings and group settings (visible in group settings only at the unit level).

Q: What customization options are available when creating a shift type?

A: When creating a shift type, you can specify the name, color, start and end times, breaks, associated skills, cost center, project, salary type rules, and whether it is productive time. You can also add comments and tasks to the shift type.

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