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What is the purpose of districts in Group Management?

Districts help to organize units into larger groups, making it easier to manage and oversee multiple units within the same geographical or functional area.

Can I add multiple districts at once?

Yes, you can add multiple districts by repeating the steps for adding a district in the side panel. Read more here.

What if I don't see the option to add districts?

If your organization is not using districts, you will not see the "Add districts" button. Instead, you will be able to add units directly from the domain.

Can I delete a district if it has connected units?

No, you must disconnect all units from the district before you can delete it.


What are sections used for in Group Management?

Sections are subdivisions within a unit, allowing for more granular organization and management of different teams or departments within a unit.

Are managers and cost centers mandatory for creating sections?

No, selecting a manager and cost center is optional when creating sections.

Can integration keys be edited or removed in sections?

Yes, existing integration keys can be edited or removed when editing a section.

What if the integration key fields are greyed out?

If your organization isn't using integration keys, these fields will be greyed out. Contact Support for information on activating integration keys.


What is the role of units in Group Management?

Units represent individual operational entities within a district, such as a specific store, office, or restaurant.

Can units be added without using districts?

Yes, if your organization isn't using districts, you can add units directly from the domain.

Are there advanced settings available for units?

Yes, advanced settings for units can be accessed and edited, providing additional configuration options.

What happens when a unit is deleted?

Deleting a unit is irreversible and will also delete all associated data, including schedules and employees. This process can take time depending on the size of the unit and its data.

Can the main unit be deleted?

No, it is not possible to delete the main unit. Attempting to do so will result in a warning and the deletion will be stopped.

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