Tables - Integration keys/key types

Integration key types

An integration key type is used to configure integrations with other systems. Setup one of these types for Agreement templates, Units, Cost centre, Staff Sections, Section, Shift type and Neo GroupId. Then define the values for the specific types under Integration keys.

Integration keys

Configure integrations with other systems or currently to Neo Forecast. To be able to define an external value for a unit, section etc as defined under Integration key types. This to be able to create integrations to and from Quinyx with a better workflow in regards to mapping tables between Quinyx and the other system.

Select the item to be added in the dropdown, as an example Unit. When Unit is chosen it will display all current set integration keys for that customers units. To add a new key for a new unit click Add new or edit by doubleclick on existing.

Internal name is the name of the Unit as defined under Settings  Units  Chosen unit General → Unit name

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