Access Rights

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This article relates to Classic.

In Quinyx, you create staff categories that you then associate to a role. The roles in Quinyx determine at which level employees access Quinyx, while rights are used to determine what employees can do in Quinyx.

The menu for configuring user rights can be found under Settings and  Access rights.

In the first drop down menu you can select where you want to make the adjustment. Admin Portal, Employee Portal, Webpunch or Mobile devices.

The second drop down is used to select the role for which you want to make the adjustment.

When you have made your choice, folders will appear in the column on the left. These folders correspond to the tabs in Quinyx. To hide an entire tab, for example, select the tab in the left-hand column, uncheck Visible and Save.

You can choose to disable rights for everyone with the selected role, for everyone within a district, for everyone with the role at a specific unit, for various staff categories or for specific users by selecting the correct radio button.

If you want to adjust sub headings, just drill down further by selecting the relevant folder. Select a heading in the column in the middle, but then you do the same thing as when removing the right to view the subheading.

You can choose to make certain settings read-only, or allow users to add things but not delete them.

You do the same thing here. Select what the role is to be capable of doing with the selected header, then select Save.

TIP: Create a test user for yourself that you can use to log in. Change the staff category for the test user to log in using different roles and see what the staff category can see and do!

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