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Updated 10 hours ago by Leigh Hutchens

In the Qmail tab, you can find all the Qmails that have been sent to you and that you have sent to colleagues. The Qmails you receive can be both auto-generated Qmails regarding shift time changes, new shifts assigned to you, or leave application updates, as well as personal Qmails sent from your manager.

Every Qmail that is sent to you will generate a push notification if you "Allow qmail notifications" in the app's "Settings" page. You can bulk update Qmails if you click "Edit" in the top right corner, and you can both bulk-delete and mark several Qmails as read in one go.

If you have problems with push notifications, read more here.

In order to get to edit mode in Android, you need to long-press on a Qmail.

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