Updated 1 month ago by Leigh Hutchens

It's possible to lock some fields that have data sent to them or pulled from them for the purpose of integrations. You may want to lock these fields so that the data is visible by Quinyx users but is not editable.

You're able to lock fields used in:

  • Employee Details
  • Employee Agreements

To configure this, navigate to Account Settings > Integrations:

Click on the category of fields you want to lock for employee details and employee agreements.

Here you can see the field name on the left, you can toggle locking or unlocking per field in the middle, and you can perform a batch lock/ unlock under the select all field:

If you've locked a field, it will remain visible for all users, but they won't be able to edit it.

Users with the role of Account Manager or higher are the only users who are able to override any integration locking. Fields will not appear locked to these users.

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