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This article relates to Classic.

E-signature is an add on service. Employment agreements can be created, signed and distributed digitally via Quinyx. In the agreement template you can make settings regarding the distribution flow.

The employee card may contain additional fields that need to be filled in to be included in the digital agreement.

Under the Agreements/ Availability tab, associate the correct agreement template to the employee and make individual adjustments such as salary, date, employment rate, etc.

When you are ready initiate the signing process click on the star under the E-sign column.

You can choose to preview the PDF file to make sure everything is correct. Then select Initialize the signing process.The system sends the agreement according to the specified flow in the contract template.

The hour glass means that the process has been initiated. Click on the hour glass to see where in the process it is. You also have the opportunity to withdraw.

A green check mark indicates that the signing process is complete and all parties have signed the agreement.

A black check mark indicates that there is already a valid agreement for this person. Check the box in the  e-signature tab in the employees agreement that there is already a signed agreement, outside of Quinyx.

Review the agreement by clicking the PDF icon.

A blue folder displays a list of historical agreements if there are more than one.

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