Attesting worked hours

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All worked hours must be attested (approved) in Quinyx. Generally, it is done by the employee first and then by a manager. You may have a different process, but all times must be attested before they are included in the payroll file.

We recommend you come up with an internal routine regarding attestation so it is done continuously.
  • You can decide to attest per day, per employee, or per period.
  • You can filter in the Schedule view and attest. Note that only visible punches will be attested then. 
  • Warnings are displayed in the "Edit punch"dialog when clicking on a punch.  

You can choose dates to be displayed by selecting Time period.

How do I approve worked/punched hours?

  1. Navigate to "Schedule" in the "Schedule & Time" menu.
  2. Select relevant dates.
  3. Check the box on the punch. To check all punches for an employee in the current view, tick the box to the right of the employee name.

You can also filter to display only attested, or unattested, punches as well as any punches with warnings by selecting the Filter.

You can see more details about a particular punch, or edit it, by selecting it. Red lines around a punch like below means the punch has warnings. Clicking the punch in question will bring up the "Edit punch"-dialog (see below) with detailed information regarding the punch. The warnings regarding the punch will be listed below the "Edit punch" heading.

Below the start and end time of the punch, the original start, and end time is displayed. Original start and end time cannot be edited. It can for instance be interesting to see the original start and end time when rounding rules are applied to punches.

Clicking "More Options" will bring up the "Edit punch" side panel which contains additional editing options.

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