Attest all / unattest all worked hours

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All worked hours must be approved in Quinyx. Typically, employees approve their hours first, followed by a manager’s approval. Your organization may use a different method, but all timesheets must be approved before incorporating them into a payroll file.

Establish an internal routine for regularly approving timesheets. You may choose to approve hours daily, per employee, or for a specific period.
  • You can decide to attest per day, per employee, or per period.
  • You can filter in the Schedule view and attest. Note that only visible punches will be attested then. 
  • Warnings are displayed in the "Edit punch"dialog when clicking on a punch.  
  • You can choose dates to be displayed by selecting Time period.

How do I approve worked/punched hours?

  1. Navigate to the Schedule view.
  2. Select the relevant dates.
  3. Click the three dots to the right of the employee's name for whom you want to attest hours.
  4. If you want to attest all hours, scroll to "Attest all".
  5. You'll now see that all of the boxes are ticked, indicating all shifts have been attested.

You can attest individual shifts by ticking the box for that specific shift:

You can filter to display only attested, or unattested, punches, as well as any punches with warnings by selecting the Filter.

You can see more details about a particular punch, or edit it, by selecting it. Red lines around a punch like means the punch has warnings. Clicking the punch in question will bring up the "Edit punch"-dialog (see below) with detailed information regarding the punch. The warnings regarding the punch will be listed below the "Edit punch" heading.

Below the start and end time of the punch, the original start, and end time is displayed. Original start and end time cannot be edited. It can for instance be interesting to see the original start and end time when rounding rules are applied to punches:

Clicking "More Options" will bring up the "Edit punch" side panel which contains additional editing options.

Watch a short video tutorial here!

How do I batch attest/unattest employee row?

In order to attest an given employee's row, click the ellipsis next to the employee name in Schedule followed by "Attest all":

This will attest all of the currently visible punches and absences for the employee (Helen Wake), no matter how many of the employee's punches and absences were attested before:

You'll see the unattested shifts:

are now attested:

Once attested, a green circle appear around Helen's avatar. This graphic component indicates that all of an employee's punches and absences in the shown period are attested:

In order to unattest all visible punches and absences for that same employee, click the same ellipsis but this time, select "Unattest all":

As you can see above, this action unattests all visible punches as well as removes the green circle around Helen's avatar. Had there been attested absences in Helen's row above, these would have been unattested as well.

Attest/Unattest logic

When choosing to Attest all/Unattest all, manager and employee attests will be affected on punches and absences.

Note that the attest/unattest logic is built based on the logic in Time settings, meaning that it will work according to your business' setup for the checkboxes Hierarchical approval and Manager can approve employee.

Example: It will not be an option for you, as a manager, to attest all employee checkboxes if your organization doesn't allow managers to attest for employees.

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