Forecast configuration

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In Forecast, you are able to configure a forecast to be both created automatically and also to display granularity in less than an hour.

To be able to add/edit a forecast configuration, the module Forecast needs to be activated for you organization and you need to have the role of an Account manager
  • Go to account settings.
  • Go to Statistics > Forecast configurations.
  • Click Add.


This is the name of the forecast and how it will be named in schedule views and other relevant views


A description of this configuration to be able to easily identify it if many configurations are created

External ID

An id for referencing to this specific forecast configuration when using the API


Here you choose what input data should be used, as set up in Statistics > Input data. You may have multiple configurations for the same input data

Data algorithms

This is where you define what algorithms to use. Currently the following exists

  • Last year same day
    • This will use last years data the closest comparable same weekday Eg. The logic will when creating a prediction for Friday 2019-09-06 look back one year and find that Friday. In this example 2018-09-07

Modifier %

With this you may modify the previously selected algorithm with a modifier in %

After you have added input data corresponding to the data that you will send into Quinyx, you can continue to configure or edit your forecast configuration on account manager level. Click here for guidance.

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