Working with absence types

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An absence type is what is applied by from the employee or reported by the manager when an employee has an absence. You can add as many types as you want your organization to be able to report as an absence.

Click on “Add absence type” in the top right corner of the page to add a new absence type:

General information

Add general information for your absence type like name, abbreviation, absence code, and absence reason type. This field is populated by the absence reason types you previously configured. Read more here about working with absence reason types.

Calculation rules

Calculation rules

If you tick this box you can specify the number of days to occur before day numbering restarts. You can use this is you want to prevent Quinyx from generating a new qualifying day, i.e., if an employee falls ill again within 5 days of coming back to work.

Absence reason affects buffer for days...

Tick this box if the absence reason is in between absence reasons with buffer for days set.

Only count scheduled day

During the absence period only scheduled days will be counted. Otherwise, the entire period will be considered as absence, even when employee isn't scheduled.

Not preceded by

Specify an absence reason that can't precede this absence reason unless punching in/out has been registered. This is either within the specified ‘buffer for days’ period, or on the leave numbering group.

Exclude days between absences

Tick this box if the days between two unconnected periods of absence for the same absence reason won't be included when counting absence days.

Split shift at midnight

By default, if this is unticked, absence days are determined by daybreak.

Absence type affects schedule

Handle already assigned shifts by...

You can select Deleting shifts or Unassigning shifts.

Absence schedule

This is populated by the absence schedules you configured under Account settings > Absence schedules.

Salary type settings

To connect salary types you must first save the absence type.

Activate selected salary types on agreement templates

This will automatically activate the salary types, connected to the leave type, in the agreement templates.

Generate overtime on absence day

This feature should not be used in combination with multiple salary types connected to the same absence type. It should/can only be used when only one salary type is connected to the absence type.

Count on call and standby hours towards max hours calculation

Advanced settings

Available in Webpunch

If checked, it is possible for employees to choose this absence reason in Webpunch.

Special Norwegian self-certified sick leave

This setting is used exclusively by Norwegian customers. Note that ticking this box brings up a new 'Max absence in employer period' field. The employer period is configured by ticking the 'Buffer for days' checkbox further up in the 'Edit absence type' panel.

Ticking said checkbox brings up a free text field. The numerical value you enter in that field will be used as employer period. Note that if you leave this field blank, the employer period will be 0, so you need to populate this field for an actual check to take place.

In addition, if there are multiple absence types configured as part of the same day count group, then the first day of an absence of any of those absence types will determine the beginning of the employer period.

Quinyx' Support team configures Day count groups.

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