Preparing your organization for new Quinyx login experience

Updated 1 year ago by Leigh Hutchens

Classic will be discontinued by the end of the year, and instead, we encourage all customers to start using our new interface, Neo. It's time to prepare for your switch.
This change will only affect managers and schedulers. Your employees will continue to enjoy and rely on the Quinyx mobile app as usual.

On March 18th, we opened up Neo to all managers. We added a “Try the new Quinyx” button in Classic, allowing the user to open Neo in a new browser tab. Also, as of March 18th, the “Enable Flash page”, which is shown prior to the Classic login page, now allows the user to continue to either Classic or Neo.

This means actions are required from you, as a superuser, to ensure your colleagues can see the same data in Neo as they do in Classic.

  1. Go through and configure access rights in Neo (read more about Neo access rights here) to make sure managers will not have access to any Neo features that you have locked down in Classic. This action is especially important if:
    1. You have turned off salary costs for certain groups of users in Classic. You will need to do the same in Neo.
    2. You have another system for master HR data, and user details are not allowed to be updated in Quinyx. You need to set user details to “read only” in Neo.
    3. You have any other special access rights configuration in Classic that should be reflected in Neo.
  2. If required, migrate fixed schedules in Classic to base schedules in Neo. Neo has a new feature called “base schedules” which replaces fixed schedules from Classic. Read more about base schedules here. They work a bit differently, and are therefore not automatically copied from fixed schedules in Classic. You need to decide whether or not you want to migrate your fixed schedules in Classic to Neo, or ask your managers to create new base schedules in Neo.
During the year, we are planning to gradually redirect users to Neo. This will allow your Quinyx users to become familiar with Neo before support for Classic ends towards the end of the year.

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