Frontline Portal - Archive a form

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

If you no longer need a form you can archive it.

  1. Navigate to the form in Forms > Forms Library (see Forms Dashboards for more info here).
  2. Open the form that you'd like to archive.
  3. Open the menu on the bottom right-hand corner.
  4. Click Archived.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the three dots to archive or create a copy of the form.
  6. You will receive a warning that the action can't be undone.
  7. If you want to archive the form, click Archive.

This form will now be unavailable for further submissions, however, you can still view it by clicking Forms > Forms Library > Archived.

Hint! All previous submissions will still be available for review.
Hint: If you'd like to edit a form that has been archived, then the best way to do this is to make a copy, make your adjustments, and republish it.

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