Notifications for Leave Applications

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When a leave app gets created or updated, depending on the settings in Quinyx, a notification might be sent to responsible managers. Managers get notified by Qmail message and push notifications.

Whether sending notification is triggered or not, depends on a Unit setting, under the Messages tab, Notify manager on leave request.

If this setting is unchecked, creating or updating leave request will not trigger sending notifications to managers. On the other hand, if the setting is checked, managers will be notified.

Who gets notified about leave requests, again, depends on different settings that can be changed, as well as the setup of users, units and customers.

Select manager on LA

First setting to take into account is the setting on the Unit card under the tab Functionality, called Select manager on LA (LA mean Leave Application). It controls if the employee can select a specific manager to notify, on the leave application form.

If this setting is checked, user will have the ability to select a specific manager when creating leave request in the drop down labeled To:

A user can either choose a manager from the list of managers, or they can choose to leave it on the default value, which should be labeled as My manager(s).

If a specific manager is selected on a leave application, ONLY that manager will receive notification.

If a user has manager selected in "Reports to", that manager will be selected as default. In this case, the field To will be required. The user will not have the option to deselect current manager, it will be possible only to change manager. This means that the To: field will never have the value "My manager(s)" in a case when user has someone set on Reports to.

• If a user chooses to create leave application, and selects My manager(s) as the ones responsible for the leave request, the person(s) who are notified are determined following the role-based hierarchy for notifications.

The same hierarchy will be applied if the setting Select manager on LA is unchecked, and the user does not have the option to select specific manager when creating a leave application.

When are notifications sent?

Employee updates leave request

When employee decides to change a leave request, no additional notification should be sent, since the details of the leave request will be updated and visible for managers anyway, when they review the application.

Employee deletes leave request

When an employee deletes their leave request, additional notification should be sent to manager(s), so they know that they no longer have a leave application to take action on.

Manager updates employee's pending leave request

If a manager needs to change anything in employee's pending leave request (eg. adjusting date, leave reason, etc), such action should not trigger a notification to that employee.

Manager approves/denies employee's pending leave request

When manager approves or denies employee's leave request, employee should be notified about that.

Manager deletes employee's pending leave request

If a manager decides to delete employee's pending leave request, employee should be notified about that.

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