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This article is particularly relevant if you are part of a store/group with multiple users. If you are the only user in your store/group (or you use a single shared store account) then task assignment is automatic.

Assigning a Task to yourself

If a task is sent to your store/group then anyone in your store/group can pick the task up to complete it. 

Click on Start task to assign the task to yourself and get started.

Hint: If you are the only user in your store (or you're using a shared store account) then the task will be automatically assigned to you and cannot be unassigned.

The Task will be moved to In progress and will be visible in the Assigned to me section of your dashboard.

Hint: If a task is assigned to someone else in your store/group then you will not be able to progress this task.

Assigning a Task to someone else in your store/group

If you'd rather assign a task to someone else then select Forward and you will be able to assign it to one of your colleagues.

Unassigning a Task

If you've picked up a task but not yet completed it yet and you'd like to unassign it from yourself then open the task and select Unassign. The task will then be available for other users in your store/group to pick up.

Note: If a task is assigned to you then only you can unassign the task from yourself.

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