Frontline Portal - Introduction to Files

Updated by Victor Jespersen

Thousands of images, documents, and spreadsheets are uploaded every week. It can be difficult to find a file.

Introducing: Files. Whether it’s a PDF guideline uploaded by the Visual Merchandising team or a flagship store’s image of their latest campaign, find and view images in a central location.

With Files you can:

  • Upload files without needing to associate them to a specific task.
  • Build a reference library.
  • Filter, sort, and search files.


You can filter the uploaded files by selecting the funnel icon.

These are the filters you can choose:

  • Documents.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Uploaded by me.


You can sort the documents to your liking by selecting the Sort icon.

These are the sorting options you can choose:

  • By Relevance
  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Date created (newest first)
  • Reverse

You can search by entering keywords into the search field. Your search will look at file names & descriptions.

The results will take into account which files you are looking at (All, Shared with me, or Shared by me) that you have selected.


You can choose only to see files uploaded by a specific user, unit, district, or the entire organization by selecting the Location icon.

Example: - show me all files uploaded by Store 11

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