Time settings

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Time settings control functionality related to time punch approval and payroll transfer. When the warning is fulfilled, a red frame is created around the punch in the Schedule view.

You'll find the time settings page under Account settings > Agreements > Time settings.

Under each functionality, grey text describes the setting's function. To activate/inactivate a setting, just check or uncheck the box under the activate column, and it will save automatically. The following settings are available today:

  • Autopunch out requires time change prior to approval: Require that automatic punches are edited by a manager before they can be approved.
  • Hierarchical approval: Employee must approve time before a manager can approve.
  • Manager can approve employee: Allows a manager to approve at employee level as well.
  • Approve into future: Allow approvals at employee & manager level for future events.
  • Transfer only fully approved times: Require that all events for a certain period are fully approved in order to be included in the payroll file.

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