Single Sign On (SSO)

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It's possible to use Single Sign On (SSO) for login to Quinyx.

To use SSO to login to Neo, you first need to verify SSO is configured on your Classic account. For more information, see SSO configuration.
Take a look at our SSO basics article here for more information about Quinyx SSO chapters, technologies and protocols, technical trust, data mapping, and much more.

Once SSO is configured, you can use one of the following two URLs to access Quinyx:

This URL will redirect you to a page with a login button. Click Login to be authenticated and automatically logged into Neo.

Using this URL, you will be authenticated directly. If you're valid for SSO login, you will be logged into Quinyx without pressing any login button.

If an error occurs when using any of the two URLs, you'll see an error message.

Two examples of errors are:

  • Saml response is missing required attribute
  • Employee is not registered in Quinyx

If you receive an error message, please check your SSO configuration or if you're a Quinyx support contact for your company, get in touch with our Quinyx Support Team for further assistance.

Now, as both trust and data mapping are established as a one-time configuration between the two systems, login as an employee can happen.

Employee login to Quinyx using SSO

Web portal

To login to the Web portal using a web browser the user has to open the following URL:<ssoroute>

The ssoroute is a unique identifier for each Quinyx customer and is configured during SSO setup, it can be any string and is usually set to the company name, i.e. mycompany so the final URL ends up as:

When the URL is opened the user will be asked to authenticate in the way decided by the customer company policy and then be logged in into Quinyx automatically.

If a landing page is preferred before initiating the login the following URL can be used:

Any customer intranet, customer portals etc., can use a weblink to to provide the same functionality as entering the URL manually. 

Mobile apps

Similar to the ssoroute, an environment name was chosen to reflect the customer name for the mobile apps during the initial trust-configuration of SSO. We call this mycompany from here.

  • You start by opening the app where you're shown the login page.
  • Here you select "Settings", after that you type in the name of the environment mycompany.
  • When you've chosen the environment, click "login" and you'll be redirected to the customer-chosen login provider where you authenticate (as decided by the customer). When done, you're logged into the Quinyx mobile application.

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