Single Sign On

Updated 4 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

Single Sign On (SSO)

It's possible to use SSO for login to Neo.

To use SSO to login to Neo, you first need to verify SSO is configured on your Classic account. For more information, see SSO configuration.

Once SSO is configured, you can use one of the following two URLs to access Neo:

This URL will redirect you to a page with a login button. Click Log in to be authenticated and automatically logged into Neo.

Using this URL, you will be authenticated directly. If you're valid for SSO login, you will be logged into Neo without pressing any login button.

If an error occurs when using any of the two URLs, you will see an error message.

Two examples of errors are:

Saml response is missing required attribute

Employee is not registered in Quinyx

If you get an error message please, check your SSO configuration or contact Quinyx Support for further assistance.

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