Frontline Portal - User / Store Data Capture

Updated 3 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

When you want to contact us about adding multiple users and stores, you can use the Frontline Portal User & Store data capture.xlsx template.

Note that there are 2 tabs to this file (Users, Stores).

Keep reading to learn how to populate the template.


  • First Name: The first name of the new user.
  • Last Name: The last name of the new user.
  • Email Address: The email address of the new user.
  • Group: The name of the group that this account needs to be connected to HQ / Region/ District / Store, for instance, a user working in Store 001 should be in group "Store 001". Regional manager of Region 1 should be in group "Region 1".
  • Job Description: The name of the role for the user in the field above. (HQ User / District Manager/ Store Associate / etc.).
  • Functional rights: What level of access should the user have? The options are:
    • Full Rights User (default): You can create and send new tasks/content to their group and to groups below them in the hierarchy.
    • Submittor: Tasks and stories created by these users must be approved by full right users before being sent to recipients
    • View Only User: Cannot add new tasks/content but can interact with content that they have access to.
Consider having a gatekeeper in stores. HQ may not know a store goes to the bank on Tuesday afternoons, and this allows for tasks such as this to be created/managed by stores.
**You need to have a gatekeeper in each group where there are submitters.**


  • Store Name: e.g. 101 - Times Square.
  • Parent Group: Which existing group does this store belong to? For example, New York Area.

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