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You should also review Creating a new Task for broader guidance on creating and sending tasks.

Many tasks sent out require stores/recipients to supply additional information back and/or to fill in questionnaires. Adding Questions into the Task itself allows for ‘complex tasks’ or ‘surveys’ to be created. This simultaneously allows you to create ‘Checklists’ of items within a Task that should be completed.

If you want to add questions to a task, begin by pressing the Add question button at the bottom of the task.

Question types

Several simple elements can be added to a task to ensure that the right information is gathered in the easiest way, whatever the task's purpose.

Short Answer

Capture short responses.

Example: What is the best selling item in your store?


Capture longer responses.

Example: Tell us what you thought about the latest campaign?

Multiple Choice

The user submitting a task can select ONE of the options provided.

Example: What is the most popular shirt in your store? (options supplied)

Add in 'Other' to allow recipients to add custom responses.

The user submitting a task can select MULTIPLE of the options provided.

Example: Which of these competitors are situated near your store? (select all that apply)

Example: Fire Safety Check

In this case, the checkboxes will act as a checklist for the store/recipient to track their progress on the multiple parts of the task.

Pick from a date picker.

Example: NON-STOCK ORDERING FORM - When would you like to receive these items?

Upload Files

Prompt or force submitters to upload files to support their submission.

Example: RISK ASSESSMENT - Upload pictures of all fire exits.


Add content to support the understanding & completion of the task. It can be used to add quick introductions or to create headers for different sections in long tasks.

Example: FIRE SAFETY CHECK FORM - Introduction to explain how to complete the check.

Example: NON-STOCK ORDERING - Images & descriptions of items available for order.

Example: HEALTH & SAFETY REPORT - Fire section, Falls from height section,....

Code Scanner

Ask for a barcode or QR code.


Question elements

Drag & drop to move Question elements around the task.

Mandatory or Optional elements.

Delete elements.

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