Frontline Portal - Drafts

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

You can build detailed communications gradually or choose to pause what you're doing and return to a draft later.

All 'Editor' users in your group will be able to view, edit and send any of your drafts. This allows for collaboration within your teams and flexibility when team members are out of the business or have other commitments.

Save a Draft for later

There is no need to save your drafts. Tasks & announcements are auto-saved as you build/edit them.

When entering text in some fields (e.g. Title & Description) you may need to click outside of that field in order to save the work you have done.

Revisiting Drafts

Visit the Drafts Collection.

Click on a card to start where you left off last time.

Deleting Drafts

Click on the menu button on the draft to reveal draft options.

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