Tag categories

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A tag must be connected to a tag category. You can define as many tag categories as you need.

A tag category is mainly there to define:

  • The Tag Category type, in other words, the type of information the tag can carry:
    • The three tag categories Cost Centre, Project, and Account can carry a tag value.
    • The tag category Extended can carry additional properties, as described in Tags Overview.
    • A color, giving a visual indication of which tag category a shift is connected.
    • An external identifier (external ID) used by integrations.

Defining tag categories

  1. On the Account settings page, chose Tag categories, then click Add:

  1. In the Add tag category panel:
  • Add the tag category name.
  • Choose the type from the alternatives - Cost Centre, Project, Account, and "Extended".
  • Add a HEX color code, preceded by #
  • Add the tag category external ID.
  1. An example of the final result could look as below:

All tags must be connected to a tag category.
Tag categories can be configured through the Neo user interface or through the Tags REST API. Since tag creation is usually a one-off activity, we recommend you create them through the Neo interface.

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