Frontline Portal Overview

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We’re setting a new standard for retail with task management and communication that allows you to maximize compliance and productivity and increase retention. Inform and empower your frontline workforce within one digital platform.

Task management and communication

Improve in-store execution and compliance

Have all task management and communication in one digital platform. 

Get an overview of all events and tasks on monthly, weekly, and daily levels in an easy-to-use interface for store and field teams.

Add visual attachments and request uploaded confirmation to ensure you consistently have the best results after completing the task.

Open two-way communication to chat in real time, give feedback, and send reminders.


Provide memorable customer experiences

Knowledgeable and skillful sales associates are the difference between great stores and good stores. Educate your frontline on product knowledge to maximize sales and customer experiences through E-learning!

Empower employees to self-learn and execute perfectly from a single repository for all your field content.

Easily manage, publish, and search manuals, guidelines, policies, procedures, and the latest campaigns to ensure everyone has the latest and greatest content.

Train and quiz your employees with advanced survey and form options created to your own liking.

News and Stories

Increase retention and engagement

Give your frontline what they need. Providing a sense of community and sharing relevant content increases engagement and retention!

Spark interest and action by storing, publishing, and sharing the latest brand content, news, and vital information to the groups that need to see it.

Connect on all levels by bringing store employees, field managers, and HQ teams together on one platform.

Keep a pulse on your workforce by collecting and organizing information from staff with easy-to-access surveys and forms.

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