Frontline Portal - Task Collections

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Tasks are grouped into Collections.

To access other collections click on the current collection title (e.g. Overview):

  • Overview: All unread stories and incomplete tasks for my store or group. If you're at HQ or Area/District level, then you'll see all tasks that have been sent to stores and groups below you.
  • Assigned to me / To be assigned: This is useful if there is more than one user in your store or group. 
  • Awaiting my approval: If you've been assigned as an approver for a task, you'll find task submissions awaiting your approval here.
See Providing Feedback on Store Images for more details on this process.
  • Sent: Review the tasks that you have sent.
  • Drafts: Continue with the drafts that you have started.
  • Done: Revisit all the information & activity in your completed tasks.
  • All: An unfiltered view of all tasks.

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