How do I Unlock a Previously Locked Time period?

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This article relates to Classic.

When creating a payroll file, you have the option to create a preliminary file, or a non-preliminary file. When you un-tick the Preliminary checkbox, you have the ability to update the time period to keep the historical data intact.

If you for any reason need to unlock this timeperiod, for example, in order to generate a new payroll file, you can do this in the transfer to payroll view.

Select the Reverse transactions button on the upper right corner.

Choose the time period in the datepicker and click the green update button.

The system display any employees with locked time punches during the selected period.

You have two options,

  • Reverse all transactions for all employees at once, by using the reverse all button
  • Reverse a single employee by clicking the small arrow symbol next to the folder with the employees name, then select each transaction that you wish to reverse.

Reverse payroll transfer

As a first step to be able to reverse a completed transfer to payroll we have added the possibility to reverse transactions based on the choices made when transferring to payroll. This is done from Time→ File archive and the new option Reverse this payroll transfer. You will only be able to reverse payroll transfers that you have initiated and can download. Reversing of transactions are done as a background process and status is shown in the view.

Note: Use this functionality with caution if your current process is transferring payroll for the same period and users multiple times. The reverse payroll transfer uses the selected choices done in the original transfer to payroll dialogue and reverses all the users chosen for that period.
Example : User 1 has during January worked 9/1 and 10/1. Transfer to payroll is done from 1/1-14/1 and both dates and connected transactions are send to payroll and locked/updated. Then user works 24/1 and 25/1 and payroll is done from 1/1-31/1. In this case the last payroll wound be reversed all four dates and transactions would be reversed

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